TOEFL Speak Example


Delivery/Language/Topic building/Speech Rater


1.Giving an example

furthermore, moreover,also, besides, in addition, what is more, such as, finally, for instance, in this case,  as you know, you may ask/say, as he explains,as an illustration, in this situation, as for, as to, according to, on this occasion

2. Set the reason

Since, as, for, due to, on account of, as a result of, another important factor/reason of…, for the reason that…, in view of, for this reason.


At the same time, as soon as, so far, since, now, then until, when, meanwhile, shortly, later, lately, after a while, at this time, at that time, before, earlier, presently, in the meantime, formerly, previously, simultaneously, eventually, finally, concurrently , immediately, subsequently, lastly, consequently, since then, following this, preceding this, at the outset, at this point, after, afterwards, after this, at once, at length, in the meantime, meanwhile, at the same time, in the end, not long after, some time ago, at present, all of a sudden, from this time on.


Close to, close at hand, next to, down, far, beyond, against, on the opposite side, opposite to, above, across, across from, around, at the bottom, before, behind, below, beneath, between, in the middle of, in the distance, in the center of, farther, on the left/right


In other words, again, as has been pointed out, to repeat, as I have said above, once again, after all, indeed, in fact, truly, of course, chiefly, especially certainly, actually, particularly, to be sure, above all, surely, most important of all, even worse, no doubt, needless to say.

6.Cause & Effect

So, then therefore, thus, hence, as a result, accordingly, for this reason, on that account, it follows that, thereupon, inevitably, under these conditions, as a consequence, consequently, in consequence, so that, not only…but (also…), so… as to


similarly, likewise, like, as, at the same time, in fact, too, in the same way, in alike manner, both, also, compared with, in comparison with


but, however, yet, or, nevertheless, still, nonetheless, conversely, nor rather, whereas, though, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary, by contrast with/to, even though, instead, unlike, different from, in contrast (with/to), instead (of), the opposite (of), unlike, while, for all of that, notwithstanding, something is just the other way around, opposed to, as opposed to


To sum up, in summary, to summarize, in short, in brief, to be brief, in other words, on the whole, in conclusion, to conclude, the conclusion can be drawn that…

题型 总17min

Free Topic /agree disagree/good idea

15s & 45s

answer template

  1. state main point I agree with the idea that/I think this better to
  2. Transition to the details I feel it for two reasons
  3. Support your point First for example Second To be more sepcific

Announcement and opinion structure 1min

1.read a passage, 2. listen to conversion, 3. answer question.

30s & 60s

answer template

  1. state change, one sentence
  2. state reason for the change one sentence
  3. state the Speaker’s Opinion
  4. state the Speaker’s First Reason To begin with
  5. state the speaker’s Second Reason Moreover detail

Article and lecture

30s & 60s

lecture will give a concept and 1 or 2 example. If there is just 1 example, take care of the parts like before/after, note the example.

Biology/Animals 60 Business/Marketing 20 Psychology/Learning 10 Art/History/Literature 10

  1. Describe what _ _ is, and how the professor ‘s example illustrates this idea
  2. Describe how the example of the _ _ illustrate the concept of _ _

answer template

  1. State the term or idea. The reading is about (TERM/CONCEPT)
  2. Give a Small Amount of Detail from the reading (It states that)
  3. Transition (The professor elaborates on this by providing an example)
  4. State the First Example or First part (To begin with, he mentions that …)
  5. State the Second Example or Second Part (Next, he says that …)


The professor/lecturer describes/discusses xx and how it can do xxx, it does this by using xxx, it uses xx as xx; xx as an example of xx that is xx

The professor mentioned that he was/which/after/a task that had this, this result showed that the people who got xx were xx.

The professor provides two instances in which people were xxx

The professor cites xx as one example


This fact is strong related to xx theory


xx use xx to xx. It does this by using xxx, this ability to xxx.

This is xx/This was an example of/ This an instance of xxx.

Professor describes two situations, the first involves the xx whose xxx, the second situation involves a xx with xx

which mirrors the professor’s case.

He also describes xxx, yyy.


As a result. On common method of xx is Xing which is exactly what the xx does.

This is what the xx were doing they are creating a XXX

It is a way a person can xxx/in which xx.

This was exactly what happing during the test.

This shows how xx aa is, but xxx.

That what scientist believe happened to the xxx.

This is a classic instance of xxx

Lecture about term ,concept ,process and its example

20s & 60s

1.5-2.5min, summarize the example, biology, animals ,business ,market ,psychology ,learning ,2 examples

How animal adapt to life deep in the ocean

How unused factories can be adapted to help communities

How old artwork can be preserved

Using the example of _ _ from the lecture/talk, explain two ways that (CONCEPT /TERM) is beneficial for animals /explain (CONCEPT /TERM)

answer template

  1. introduce the subject +Transition to the example
    The lecture explains by giving two examples
  2. State the First Example
  3. State the Second Example
  4. Give a Short Conclusion
    These examples demonstrate ….



少一点呃… 发音标准、连贯。语法正确。想清楚句子组织结构再说。拒绝混乱、没有逻辑





转述。Use your own words.不要重复材料。替换掉重复的词语,把字句改成被字句。原因可能很短,注意细节,阐述清楚。

She ‘s pleased/glad/happy/against think it’s horrible/terrible/dislike about the announcement which

Some common bad expressions -> change.

One common method is doing xx which is exactly xx does.

介绍一个东西或者定义,which means

When he was,当他被xx的时候,都是过去时。说过去的事情都是过去时态。He was xxx.


宿舍 为什么不喜欢和别人住在一起?

What is a special day of celebration in your country and what do you do on that day?

Mid-automn day.

What is the most important gift you have ever received?

From my desk mate. She sit beside me and gave me a lot of help.


12.10 Actual test

Choose a time in your life when you were happiest and explain why

12.09 Market

During the lecture, the professor emphasized that stores put expensive and inexpensive products in different places for psychological reasons. First, he discussed the expensive products, stores usually put them in the front, make sure them obviously, so people can see them clearly. The reason is that people believe the expensive items are higher quality, so they will have a positive image of the store selling expensive products. The second explanation is cheaper products, stores usually make them harder to find. First, they don’t wish to be associated with low quality products. Since those are what people think of inexpensive goods. And second, if a person looks hard for something and then finds it. He is more likely not to waste that effort and therefore probably purchase that project.

11.26 Botany

strive invasive invader get oppose to shrubs nutrients & nutrition caseous acacia

No one species can take over and upset the stability of an environment.

upset the balance of nature / break / disrupt the balance

the acacia one such invader

stretch in all directions

starves the other trees

The leaves of acacia helped to prevent sunlight from ever reaching the ground

get exposed to enough sunlight

He cites xx as one example

11.25 Internships

dilemma marine tuition training ground

It won’t even cover my tuition for this semester.

It’s practically a full-time position.

11.24 Student Life

dormitory literally provoke drawback hygienic

We are all too absent minded well.

you’ll be accusing each other of messing it up.

charge them with a high price

we can install a monitor in the kitchen

on a regular basis

git rid of either of those problems

11.23 Psychology 2

Buyer’s remorse numerous splurge impulse comprehend sorrow against strategy

feel bad about buying it.

feel like splurging

my first impulse was to return the car

it was unsuccessful

which mirrors the professor’s case.

11.22 Sociology

Diffusion of Responsibility lessened exonerate improper

commute motorist likelihood

on the road

many people commuting to work

render assistance to the injured.

Statistics show that people in a night accident are more likely to receive assistance from a passing motorist.

They also have other obligations like getting to work.

at night & in the morning

According to the professor’s statistics, the people injured at night are more likely to receive help and those injured during the day. This fact is strongly related to the diffusion of responsibility. This is the concept that absolves people from personal responsibility when they are in a large group situation in the morning accident. Therefore, no one feels a sense of individual responsibility.

11.20 Philosophy

Occam’s Razor monk eliminate shave cigarette

lived centuries controversies associated unnecessary unneeded simplest

Occam can be shortened to state that the simplest solution is often the best.

extinguish run down

He arrived at two conclusions about the fire.

escaped unnoticed

There was a thunderstorm the previous night.

A bolt of lightning must have stuck the tree and started the fire.

Occam’s razor, a principle that basically states that the implicit conclusion is the best.

This is how the professor arrives at the decision that the second proposal is currently ranked.

11.20 Biology 2

engage in famine drought stable consistent numerous tremendous take over chop cite lest

Rapid rates of increase can have tremendous effects on their environments and how nature handles these increases, let me cite two examples. which means seem different, but are actually connected. This is one of the fastest growing tree species. In fact, it grows so rapidly that it can literally take over entire forest in some cases. It has pushed out other tree species, especially because it can grow in practically any climate and any kind of soil. What limits its population well, there are diseases that kill them and human chop them down, but it’s mostly fire that burns them down and slows their growth. Forest fires occur naturally, and they regularly limit pine trees’ growth lest they take over entire forest. The deer population can increase by 30% in a single year, so what keeps their numbers from raging out of control well as the deer population increases, so does that of predators like wolves. There are more dears to eat. There are just a couple of ways that nature controls the populations of these species.

During the lecture, the professor mentions excessive and rapid population growth by both pine tree and deer.

This can also cause over population problems for forests

keep the balance of nature

These are just two methods nature uses to control the rapid population growth of various species.

11.19 Psychology

consciously 术 unconsciously reveals unfetter

create image of oneself

initiative positive image

emotional quotient

play a major role

If we are not consciously aware of doing so.

sandal. Hardly. formal clothes like suits.

give the dean a ride home

make a good impression

they want to be taken seriously

The professor provides two instances in which people were conscious of the image they were projecting. She first mentioned the students’ upcoming class presentations, she told them that if wore casual clothes like T-shirts and shorts, she wouldn’t take them seriously. Instead, they needed to wear formal clothes to give her a more favorable impression of them. Likewise, she signed the personal example before she drove the Dean home one night, she cleaned her car and prepared some classical music to impress him. Both instances are related to impression management in that the people, the students and the professor are trying to show themselves at the best cost of the night to create a positive impression. They are also preventing the person from finding out anything negative about them. Another important aspect of impression management.

celebrities on the peak

11.18 Sociology

be faced with certain nearby overdo

at various times in your life.

could be handled in different ways

act out less often depend upon

improve his career prospects


11.17 Biology

moniker crucial considerably habitat prominent spread nutrient on literally keystone serve as insects predator prodigious appetites vegetation defecate get overrun with plants nomadic benefit

A particular habitat would be changed considerably, and might get worse.

I really can think of the answer

Elephants have prodigious appetites.

They chow down about 500 pounds of vegetation.

The area they live in don’t get overrun with plants.

Their habitat would be filled with vegetation which would cause most other animal species either to migrate or simply become extinct.

Since they eat lots of beans also defecate a lot, because elephants are somewhat nomadic, they spread nutrients for the soil to absorb.

Through their waste they essentially plant seeds which.

Other animals can feed upon clearly elephants are crucial to their environment.

11.16 School Facilities

tutor relieve efficiently jot down notes intermediate intimidating earnest staring punch

produce goods or services

according to xxx

11.15 Computer

encyclopedia internet fraud meal 米奥 tight destruct disrupt plagiarism

That’s my field.

It works with processing software and an encyclopedia.

Obey the rules. `

The computer has embedded itself into our society to the extent. It has increased the speed at which the world operates.

provide entertainment.

Addiction to computer games and Internet surfing are 2 of the most serious.

A small but growing segment of society lives on the Internet for most of their waking moments.

money lost to Internet fraud in the future. Get fraud. Be fraud.

11.13 Money

vehicle insurance

Personal saving represents a large, untapped portion of our national economy. Billions of dollars are saved for future rainy days. Many people also have several types of insurance, with life, health, auto, and house insurance being the most common, unfortunately a great many people either choose not to save money or cannot because their incomes are so low, the younger person is, the less likely it is the person will have any savings. A survey done recently showed that many people under the age of 30 live from paycheck to paycheck as a person acquires more responsibilities such as a family car and house. The person is more likely to think about needing some income for a future emergency.

I never knew that term.

One fourth. Fifteen

11.12 Travel

status spec serious severe criticize illness distracted indecisive introverted extraverted province

what will you do for your spring break vocation

Haven’t make any plans yet.

There’s a group from our door to ski in Vermont.

I’m not going anywhere with him. He is cheap and never wants to spend his money, besides, he can never make up his mind about anything. Anyway, in a group that size there’s bound to be a problem.

Tourism is a big business all over the world. The package trip with a tour group is the most popular way to travel for the elderly, almost 80% of tour group travelers being 50 years and older, many hotels give discounts of up to 20 percent for large groups. On the other hand, for young travelers that packing remains popular. Especially in Europe. Some travel alone, while others go with friends. But young people almost never join tour groups. In a recent survey. The main reasons for not joining tour group were the cost and desire to have flexible schedule. However, young travelers especially women are advised to travel with others to avoid dangers.

place of interest and museum. I don’t like crowed.

on my own shared experience

11.11 Education

reform controversy curriculum discipline

It’s going to drag down my overall grade point average.

On the first day of class. I pointed out a mistake she made about Picasso.

One of the great controversies in education now is the type of the curriculum to offer at universities in the 1960s and 1970s, many universities offered courses that students were interested in, bt which had no practical value. In the workplace. Harvard University led the way in reforming its curriculum by making a strict court program that all strdenrts had to follow. It has aspecrts of many disciplines. no courses is considered more important than another, all are considered necessary to produce well educated graduates.

11.9 Welfare

downtown encounter tie poverty line improve themselves provide with necessities make a living suffer from drugs or alcohol Coupons rotten dignity for various reasons donate soup kitchen

Why the long face? There’s this homeless man who always hangs out on our street.

You could volunteer. There’s a church near here that has a soup kitchen they help.

A soup kitchen is a place that provides free meals to homeless.

It doesn’t really help them overcome their diffculties.

Many of them can’t keep steady jobs because they have problems with durugs and alcohol or have some kind of mental illness.

It’s estimated that almost 35 million people live below the poverty line in the US.

The poverty line is the level of income a person needs to have the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. It’s depends on the size of the family and the family’s income.

Last year over 20 billion dollars was spent on social welfare programs. However some think it is too much and that the poor dont help themselves because we help them so much

keep some of their dignity

training programs to help the poor get better jobs.

11.8 education

plagiarism plagiarize plagiarized units

sleep at noon

just went on and on about nothing

he’s so out of touch with technology

The explosion of the Internet over the last ten years has led to a dramatic change in many things we do nowadays.

One of the main areas that has been influenced as education, almost every University has a correspondence course bound department. Students can take class online.

Sometimes they can even watch a lecture that has been prerecorded.

unfortunately the Internet has led to problem with plagiarism, which is basically cheating students can easily find completed papers online or copy information directly into an essay.

It is estimated that almost 60% of students have cheating at one point in their University lives.

I strongly discourage this because it’s wrong and you could get in serious trouble.

put into jail

11.6 quality

Adventurous Ambitious Approachable Assertive Attentive Audacious Bold Brave Captivating Careful Caring Charismatic Charming Civil Clever Commanding Compassionate Considerate Courageous Creative Critical Curious Daring Determined Diligent Disinterested Dutiful Eager Elegant Energetic Enthusiastic Fair Faithful Fearless Flexible Forgiving Friendly Generous Gracious Hard-working Honest Honorable Hopeful Humble Humorous Idealistic Imaginative Impartial Industrious Intelligent Introspective Inventive Kind Likeable Logical Loyal Modest Open-Minded Optimistic Passionate Peaceful Persistent Personable Pessimistic Playful Polite Pragmatic Principled Prudent Rational Realistic Reasonable Receptive Reliable Reputable Reserved Self-confident Serious Sincere Smart Stable Strange Strong Stubborn Sympathetic Tidy Tireless Tolerant Trusting Trustworthy Unapproachable Unassuming Unbiased Uncommon conventional Venturesome Well-mannered Witty


I’ ve be asked to run for class president at school. If you win, you r working for the other students.

needs to lead be example

A good listener understands things and gets more respect than someone who always interrupts or speaks without listening.

There r lots from history.

He was the president during the greatest crisis our nation ever faced. this was the civil war between 1861 and 1865.

lincoln’s unselfish self sacrifice, is the leadership be example and his determination to preserve the US are testaments to his leadership skills. His crowning achievement was the freeing over 4 million slave with the emancipation proclamation in 1863. Sadly Linciln never received the accolades he deserved in his lifetime since he dies from an assassin’s bullet shortly after the war ended.

behind bars

11.5 Decision

seldom province tough choice yuk yuck

at the same age

It’s the biggest decision you’ve ever made and also the decision you regret.

There are many regrets in life

On the whole, my life is smooth.


11.2 Transportation

obligation metropolis commute through subway vehicle dormitory convenient On the weekend at weekends safe orally traffic jams traffic lane korean drama

by walking.

they are one of the biggest causes of pollution and global warming we are currently experiencing.

Public transportation. Today almost every major metropolis has a subway system. With moscows being the largest in the world. Over 3 billion rides were taken on Moscow subway system last year.Bused also cause pollution. But a new generation of hydrogen fuel cell powered buses will help eliminate this problem.

The best way to commute in the city.

10.31 object

What is your favourite book

I have an assignment due on it.mystery novels and crime stories.

she is a detective who is about your age.

overwhelmed by TV and other visual media.

book sales are strong. over 96 million Americans said they read regularly. The biggest sellers are romance and science fiction, followed by true crime and biographies. This indicates that people are looking for a little love, fantasy and mystery in their lives. Irrelative character is involved in complex storylines are still strong sellers in the whole readers indicated that they are drawn to a certain writer or book by 3 main things. The plot, the characters and the dialogue.

10.30 Event

smoggy enormous

What is the most memorable event in your life?

My aunt’s wedding is my most memorable event I ever participated in. When I took joined in this wedding I’m a young boy. My task is to do a favor to this new couple like wash them faces and hands. After these

That must being a good time.

His wife is from Greece. so its a greek style wedding.

They had the ceremony in a Greek church.

What about the reception of the wedding?

Getting together with friends and family to participate in an event is one of joys of life. On average, Americans take part in 20-30 specials events per year. The most common events are birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and regular holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, new year’s and the 4th of July. Less common are wedding anniversaries, bridal and baby showers. Graduation proms and parties have word related parties. In addition, people often prepar special food and drinks for these events.

10.28 Place

Interduce your favorite city.
Wuhan is my favorite city for 2 reasons. It’s where my university is.

10.27 Teacher

interduce your favorite teacher in your life.

10.25 Others

tricky in the commercial audience exaggerated commercial get in out of a car mispronounce correct your pronunciation destructive in charge curiosity

You might see 20 people piling into or out of a small car. Everyone knows that is’s impossible for that many people actually to fit in it, but advertisers show it anyway to give the impression that the small car is much roomier than it looks.

When we were kids.

When children play, they gain a sense of control that they cannot have with their parents.

They can entertain their imagination by destorying things.

So their curiosity can be satisfied when play.

An effective teacher must not only be able to communicate ideas to students, but he must also be supportive and be able to respond could difficult situations. A good teacher will always emphasize the positive part of any failure by a student. SO if a students learn better when they feel good about the subject they are learning. So if a student struggles, he nned to see and hear positive things.

10.23 Psychologhy

flaw stain

All human are subject to the fundamental character judgement flaw, this flaw is very simple to explain.

We often execuse our own actions as being subject to our circumstances as his. We execuse it because we are in a hurry for what will be considered to be a import reason. We know the situation we are but we fail to consider other people’s situation.

The fundamental character judgement flaw states that people associate bad behavior with bad people and good behavior with good people. More than that, people are quick to justify their own wrong actions, but have difficult time understanding that other people might have good reasons for doing what they are doing too.

One important thing that we often overlook in our lives is that our points of view affect how we see the world. Our experience, believe situations, and even our simple positions in life, change we see something. spilled some food/ notice the stain on my tie.

A person’s point of view clearly affects the way that he lloks at something.

So they have no opinion of him not being clean.
Our long term memory can be broken down into procdural memory and declarative memory.

You would know that your feet must go on the petals and that yoyu have to balance yourself.

Declarative memory is more of a description of notes whereas the procdural memory is performing actions almost automatically.

steps must taken to ride a bicycle.

have for doingh sth over so many times that you can do it without thinking about it.

10.22 Psychologhy

Framing – frame

especially when finding out what influences that many things can influence the life of a child.

Art can be a very good positive influence for kids. He’s often lacks several basic skills that adults take for granted. This meas they cannot perform the same actions as adults, or at least not the same degree that adults can. This is where art can come in and well, if a child can accomplish somthing with art, it can be a good confidence booster. Give a kid some clay and he can build a car the child will fell very happy about himhelf since he has accomplished something.

Children might enjoy doing art as a way of showing that their competence for doing something is equal to an adult. When children accomplish creative tasks, it gives them a boost in their confidence. They feel empowered, that’s why art can be a positive influence and why children often like to do it.

I often like to discribe their brains as sponges in water.

The connection helps them to remember the word making these connections is called the mapping process.

Framing is how you set up information in different ways to influence how people see it.

Only some will carry umbrellas. They were given the same information but it was framed differently.

Framing is used to present information in a way that the speaker wants to.

10.21 Bioliogy

spoiling bacteria activating moisture colony drought prior climate fossil

powdered milk

that is altered to last longer than milk can be processed to keep it from spoiling.

Since moisture is one factor that leads to food spoilage, it is removed from the milk. The milk gets dehydrated into its powered form powered milk. Powdered milk can last for months because it had no moisture that bacteria can use to spoil it.

Despite being very small, ants have a very advanced society.

maintain their colonies. defend the colony when it is attacked by other ants or predators.

divide the responsibilities and the socities. Ant colonies have workers that produce what the colony needs for its day to day operations and have soldiers that are ready to protect it. Like ants, humans have workers that supply the daily needs of the society and soilders to produict society.

thunderbird. ancient water source. They believed that birds went there to drink water during the drought. The drought got worse and the water dried up, the birds died and left there fossils there.

They look at possible reasons that the animals might have died in one case. Animals might lose their water source due to drought. If that happens the animals will die of thirst and their remains will become fossilized with in a localized area.

10.20 Economic

notice/ recognize

Companies spend a lot of time determining how to organize products in ther stores.

xx to capture the attention of possible customerss when people walk by. Even if they dont intend to buy them.People will then gain interest other items in store, they will look to the store for something cheaper.

The xxs are displayed in the store’s important beacuse merchandise needs to be seen by customers, Stores trying to get customers interested in the more expensive or trendy products by putting them in front. then even if people dont want to spend that much money, they will start look though other areas of the store to find similar items that might not cost as much but grab their interest too.

xxx about demand. Key element in economics which is supply. The amount of product that exists. The conputers that make computers will find more profitable to build factory.

Supply is the amount of product available and demand is how much people want it. The professor mentions computer as an example. If a company makes a good profit of a building computers and the demand for computer is high, then it will expand and hire more employees to make more computers.

Most people refet to a recession as an overall slowing of a country’s economy. In economics, we have a defination. A recession occurs when a country’s gross domestic product decrease for at least 2 straight quarters, the country has 6 moths of negative economic growth, one way this could happen is though unemployment, it was specific industry is hurting companies will begin to employ fewer people. The people that lost their jobs will have less money and over all the country will have less money. Less money spreading thoughout the country hurts the economy thereby causing a recession.

Recessions affect society because they slow down a country’s economy, also they actually cause the country to experience negative economic growth for at least half a year during or before of recession, a company might lay off its workers if the businesses is bad, these workers will then have less money to spend because of this your people in the country aren’t buying products when it happens recession start to affect the entire country

10.19 Economic

Flu shot

Initial price is the name of a pricing startegy that companis adopt when launching their new product.This strategy is based on 2 human instincts. First, people want things that are difficult to obtain target.

basically it means that certain actions and society can help society as well as the individual. Sometimes people dont care about the society and dont get their shots. This hurts all of society beyond just the individua.

People help themselves, and do others favor objectively.

When a person get a flu shot, for example, it helps the person who won’t get the flu shot and it also helps everyone else that the person might have infected too.

10.13 Biology

blend in fend off predators camouflage instantly blend themselves in water various pigments

deteriorate creature lifecycle resilient alage

blend in with the enviroment when they are hiding from predators.

comouflage themselves from predators

Camouflage tank but do you think various pigments in their bodies cuddle fish can alter the color of their bodies to match the enviroment.

One is to reduce movement, and the other is to slower reactions.

Maintain the cognitive functions of the brain.

A good example is a simple test that was done in witch the study subjects had to type the numeric combination xx over and over on a keyboard.

a task that had this subject type the numbers xx over and over again on the keyboard

The people who got 8 hours were very accurate in the morning, but less so in the afternoon. Also they did poorly when they only got about 4 hours of sleep.

Have you heard of the case where an oil tanker spilled oil all over the great barrier reef?

oil poisoned many fish, which soon died.

when alegy form in such a large quantites over a reef, it can be deedly

10.12 Art

The professor discusses a movie in which in one theme pages of calender tear to show time passing after a couple breaks up. Later, there’s wheel turning on a train to show a man heading to paris to find his ex. Directors use bridging shots to show the passage of time in film and to make transitions from on scene to another.

He had no connection to the mainstream art community whats so ever. His pictures employ a unique style. One uniqueness of his style can be illustrated by the time he needed to portray the human figure in one of his work.

This is another way in which he was an outsider artist since they often used original methods at their artwork.

They had canvas and paint. They immediately began dipping their hands in the paint and painting I love on the canvas . Spontaneous art happing.

This an instance of art happening

This is another way in which xxx since xxx often used xxx.

xx often take place in a typical places.

10.6 Psychology

mental flow

Generate creativity

take my friend ken for example. Ken is a successful architect who experienced a state of flow while designing buildings.

Deprived of this sensation. enjoy a leisurely life.

nightmare insomnia and depressure

When he was deprived of flow

When he was designing buildings, he owned them entered a state of fow occurs, which someone concentrates on something. As a result, which occurs on professors’ friend. Suffered from ABC. All of these are common when people are now experience flow.

Behavioral Scripts. effort.

memorize verse of song enhanse

In the behavioral script, it’s when you are really familiar with something.

The professor mentioned that he was having trouble memorizing the song. He could not remember the verses. So, he thought about a method he used earlier to memorize a different song. This is behavioral script by repeating the verse a certain of times. Behavior script involved acts as a person takes when doing something very familiar. It is a way a person can act without thinking too much. Once the professor used this method, he easily memorized the song.

displacement transfer your negatives

I was hurt and angry but too proud to remind them. Normally I just blindly tell the person that he dialed the wrong number, but this time I displace my anger and screamed at the person even though he had made an innocent mistake.

greet/wish one’s birthday


Instead of being polite , the professor yalled ta the person. This was an example of displacement. Instead of getting angey at his parents, the professor telled at someone on the other end of a phone line. He transferred his feeling to wake from his felling to wake from his parents to someone that he did even know.

10.5 School systems

Make your own words, make your sentense.

The forest park

hospital rates rate

sleep disorders
sleep loss on memory

Not all of us have a health insurance, so we won’t be able to pay for health care here.


take a valuable space should have a compain for them to protoct the enviroment.



10.4 Campus & Policies



tutor is something teaching to improve grade


gotten tutored and their grades went up a lot after that.

brought my grade up from C to B plusafter just a month or so.

raise more funds

attract more advertiser to raise more funds

I could have used some of these free services.

he’s still in dept.

It cost him thousands of dollors for recovery. He pays thousands of dollar to cure/heal.

He’d happy to access to free medical care. He broke his leg from last year.

10.3 Cafeterias & Computer Lab





She‘s pleased/glad/happy/against  think it’s horrible/terrible/dislike about the announcement which

numerous complaints

neutral accommodate

the cafeteria is under construction it will make a lot of noise.

he thinks that …

10.2 School Facilities Change

Use different words

Reading & Note taking & Listening & Response

Athletic [æθˈletɪk] gym expand the gym

give more scholarships to deserving students

a few more basketball hoops. The courts has been taken.

They should let us vote on this matter.


it needs bigger windows so that more light can get inside.

sculture portrait drowned painting arts dormitory deprive

10.1 Internet/library information & goverment develope technology/basic needs

The Internet is more convenient

As long as you have a mobile phone, you can check information at any time

Information is more accessable.

partial 偏爱 I’m partial to using books in the library when I need Information.

This book is very authoritative : [ɔˈθɔrəti] official reliable

Books are usually written with authority

What source is reliable?

We can follow or subscribe famous or official people’ s chanel. So their ideas can be passed on to us very quickly without being processed. No intermediary.

Private organization can develop technology on their own, not the government. In fact, these organizations are often much more efficient than goverments at developing new technology.

make our life back to the past.

make them get a good education and be decent people

People’d demands will be infinate. They will live a life of high welfare but make no progress for the society
With the development of science and technology, our productivity will continue to increase.

maintain the current situation

Our words are crowed. The opinion you delivered are a little crowed and not clear.

9.30 uniform & vacation

join in some activities

Some students are poor so they dont have beautiful clothes to dress themthelves

School uniforms can save them the embarrassment of not having good clothes to wear

Some student dressed fanshion or even revealing clothes so that they attract so much attention that you can’t concentrate on school

They are a little bit conservative

Express themselves as individuals. Futhermore, uniform take away students’ individuality.

We respect them, but we don’t welcome them

they use rainbow color as their symbol

Have a richer experience

You have this opportunity many times during the year. Such opportunities are precious

Maybe you need to take a leave of absence to do that

You also enjoy different seasons.

If you want to learn about the culture and customs of a place, you have to stay there for a period of time

You learn about the lives of the people who live there

You learning deeper about this specific palce, their culture, their people, their tradition, their language and such that you wount not learn from a short priod of time.

I’m longing for a break, I’ m longing for a vocation.

I was jealous of it

I have many clothes, but everyone is beautiful

9.28 save money & outdoors activities

a little bit productive

have fun with your work.

do some investment, buy until you can see the good opportunity to earn money.

Maybe my extra mony is not enough to access my dream that I have to save them to do big business.

take a loan.

They have good insurance and great benefits.

In addition to cash

Buy some wealth management products, It’s better than bank interest

It can be used for money laundering


enjoy the scenery

Be confined to a room.

It’s good for our health

Have a meal

Use of electronic devices

introverted extraverted outgoing


memorize these things

I don’t like those teachers just focus on textbook, I want to learn from experience..

teachers can correct your mistakes.

in other fields.

They need to catch up the slower students

The task is divided into several modules.

Make real progress

no more better than yours

Because of the spread of responsibility, No one thinks they’re responsible. The progress may be very slow.

Education is competitive. Competion.

I just went back to my bedroom. Just now

support their opinion

Present some evidence and


help you to find your mistakes.Give you ideas and advice.

In higher dimensions

Education is to screen out excellent people in the crowd

9.26 education

Opinion reason example/details

DONT repeat your opinion, ONLY talk about interesting things. Use terms of a field. Keep them different.

The anime is very profound

I gave you the wrong idea

but it doesn’t suit me

brightens my sight of China.

I sing quietly in class

aside from learning this

With subtitles

my target/goal is to pass TOEFL exam
A brief history of humankind
Support their lives
Don’t blame your failure on the something
My time is a little precious
When I was in high school

In my opinion, I think , I believe
produce a lot of goods

9.25 place

Which city is you would like to live in the most? Why?

country side priest

We are in the same shoes.

The city where my university is located.

The natural scenery is really beautiful. You can go outside and see lots of scenerys. The city is peaceful and beautiful. When I was young. Universal University

I’ve never experienced this before. How I wish I coud visit the city.

This school has a history of more than one hundred years.

It’s summer all year round in my country.

take a rest to relax.

love the new and loathe the old

humidity seattle


Play a board game

aside from starbarks, This coffee is only for who can afford it

9.24 event

The most memorable event

teacher likes free talk

Success is 99% preparation and 1% insperation.

The most memorale event.

I’ve never had a job before

Few companies are better than ours

understand every second

all my hard word and practise finally paid off

prepare geting a new better job

there are so many negative things, but you should be positive. Equip myself

be ground for This is ground for firing.


I understand your personality now.

9.23 dream

What‘s your dream?

稍微慢一点,多思考 calm comfort
opinion reason details

make my own. Got it.

rationalize 合理化 utilize利用 cure 治愈 diseases疾病[dizisis] classmate

  1. What is an activity that you enjoy doing with your friends 45Z
    while creating stronger bonds of friendship between us
  2. Describe your future dream, and explain why it is your future dream
    provide a great service to people by helping them get better
    have more opportunities
  3. person
    solve me at my lowest point. Solev my most diffcult time.


Which shop close to home but more expensive or far away but with lower prices?

Personally, I would choose the far one for the following reasons. The first and the most important reason is that the quality of goods between the nearby store and the remote one has no difference. Because the higher price comes from transportation and rent. The other reason is that we can prepare our shopping list in advance and go to buy a bunch of things weekly. In this way, we can hoard everything at home and there is no need to go to the store frequently. Consequently, we could save a lot of money.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  People’s social skills have declined as their use of technology has increased.

I agree with that for 2 reasons. The first reason is that the communication opportunity face to face is decreased because of the usage of online chat apps. For Example, we held a meeting offline in the past, but now most meetings are held online because of efficiency like video recording and quick notes taking. Therefore, our social skills will no use and decline. The Second reason is that we are willing to meet new funny guys on the Internet instead of encounter strangers in our life. Therefore, the amount of our friends on the Internet is more than reality. For this reason, our social skills in real life will decline, however in the virtual world it will increase.

考生在准备托福口语时可以背诵一些范文作为练习,大家背诵范文后不难发现,我们可以通过一系列示范文本来增强口语的流利程度,还可以了解话题的规律性。 下面,小编为大家分享托福口语范文80篇中的其中几篇,希望学生能通过练习形成自己的口语规范和答案的流畅性。

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